Neos Equity Group

We are a specialty investment business, building high cash flow portfolio companies in growth markets to achieve above-market returns.

A focused investment path

Neos Equity Group is focused on acquiring synergistic portfolio companies in identified high-growth markets with recognized significant opportunities. Our company has a flexible investment perspective as we analyze industries and companies with compelling opportunities within our investment parameters.

Neos Equity Group combines decades of corporate, legal, finance, operations and technology experience across startup and mature business advisory expertise converged into a single group with a focused investment strategy.


With skilled management and industry expertise our company has determined a unique and effective approach to identifying, engaging and executing on building a strong, high return portfolio.

$350 B+

High-growth market opportunities

1000 +

Fragmented businesses in related industries

150 yrs+

Business, finance & transactional experience

Business strategy & Guiding Principles